Privacy Policy

Regarding Your Data

  • We do not sell data.
  • Only required information is collected.
  • Any additional data you provide is optional.

What Information is Collected

Automatic Data Collection

  • Only the bare minimum amount of automatic data collection is used.
  • This includes information such as what browser you are using, and essential site cookies.

Data You Provide

  • Certain services on this site require extra information to be able to use.
  • This information is completely provided by you and is used purely for functionality and legitimate interest.

How Your Data Is Used

Your data can be used for any of the following reasons:

  • Functionality - Your data could be used to provide the service you are requesting on the website.
  • Contact - Your data may be used to contact you, this will be explicitly stated.
  • Interest - Some data is collected for legitimate interest. This includes site statistics and for use in protecting the website against misuse.
  • Legal - Various bits of information are required for legal use.
  • Protection - Sensitive data you provide at your own hand is encrypted and has restricted access.